Section 7: Functions of Council

The functions of the Council shall be to –

(a)     protect the interests of the beneficiaries at all times;

[Para. (a) substituted by s. 2 of Act 55/2001]

(b)     control and coordinate the functioning of medical schemes in a manner that is complementary with the national health policy;

(c)     make recommendations to the Minister on criteria for the measurement of quality and outcomes of the relevant health services provided for by medical schemes, and such other services as the Council may from time to time determine;

(d)     investigate complaints and settle disputes in relation to the affairs of medical schemes as provided for in this Act;

(e)     collect and disseminate information about private health care;

(f)      make rules, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act for the purpose of the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers;

(g)     advise the Minister on any matter concerning medical schemes; and

(h)     perform any other functions conferred on the Council by the Minister or by this Act.

Section 9:

Section 9: Committees of Council

(1)     The Council may –

(a)     appoint from amongst its members an executive committee consisting of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson and three other members to attend to the day to day tasks of the Council, and may delegate to such executive committee such functions and powers as it may from time to time determine; and

(b)     appoint from amongst its members or any other persons, any other committee in regard to any matter falling within the scope of the Council’s functions and powers under this Act, and may delegate to any such committee such of its functions and powers as it may determine from time to time.

(2)     The chairperson of the Council shall be the chairperson of the executive committee and in his or her absence the vice-chairperson shall act as chairperson.

(3)     Any other committee appointed by the Council shall elect its own chairperson.

(4)     All resolutions taken by the executive committee or any other committee shall be by a majority vote.

(5)     The quorum for a meeting of the Council or any committee shall be half of the members of the Council or of such committee plus one member.